Neoprene Pads

 ProductMarso Neoprene Rubber Sheet


 Resists degradation from sun, ozone and weathering and also gives good adhesion to metal.

The recommended operating temperature range is between (- 40°C ) to 125 °C .

We also offer flame retardant grade.

Products and apllications resist oil and grease very well


Neoprene Hose Covers, Vibration mounts, Breaking and steering system component, Highway and bridge seals


Dimension available for Rolls or sheets :

Width : Up to 1.5 M

Length : Up to 30 M depending on thickness

Thickness : Up to 5o MM
can be changed if required

Color : Black mainly ( can be changed if required )

Compression Set : Good

Resilience /Rebound : Excellent

Adhesion to Metals : Good to Excellent

With soft surface and rigid back  .