Company Profile

Marso is an environmentally friendly company

In 1971 the Chemist Saad Baligh began many experiments on rubber reclaiming but it all didn't succeed
Until all the money was spent on the many experiments done there were no other money except for one more chance
He and his brothers decided to take the last risk and in this last one it succeeded !!!
They began making use of this in production of many useful needed products like shoe soles rubber hoses
After some years they expanded the industrial capacity and had a new bigger place in Cairo
New products were invented and new lines were inserted
In 1988 they moved to a larger site in tenth of Ramadan industrial city
They bought complete reclaiming lines from Eastern Europe and Germany
Car mats and flooring for automotive sector were manufactured that time
Recycling was depending on some of truck tires layers cut manually in some urban areas and brought on a constant basis
In 2001 the long rubber rolls manufacturing lines was introduced and production of long conveyors began
In 2011 the company began moving towards whole tire recycling and complete lines from Europe were purchased
Now new line for cleaning scrap steel out of rubber to reach a zero waste factory
As all the rubber products that doesn't pass the quality recommendations are terminated to start over from the recycling phase
Hope you all the best